Lucifer, The Light

by Doleful Lions

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Recorded in The Papal Oriflamme
In the mirror room.

Magic Without Tears recorded in Aurora's Sleeve
in the mirror room


released July 10, 2011

Jonathan Scott: everything (except Magic Without Tears recorded with Robert Scott)

Pegasus is a song by The Hollies
Unforced Peace is a song by Roky Erickson

"On each and all those holy nights
Where dusters dust becomes the sale and Lucifer, the light".

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Doleful Lions Chicago, Illinois

Since 1996.

Doleful Lions are Jonathan Scott & Robert Lee Scott. Jonathan and Rob first recorded together in the summer of 1990 at Six Flags Great America covering the immortal Hall & Oates classic "Private Eyes". Very little has changed since. We celebrate their entire discography on Bandcamp. Still looking for the original DL demo & the cover of Private Eyes. Contact us if you have them. ... more

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Track Name: Let's Break Bobby Beausoleil Out Of Prison! (acoustic)
O Lucifer make me your liege
The magick powerhouse of oz
So caught up in destruction
That never was your cause
I sheath the blade of a thousand swords
I taught myself to walk thru walls
I taught myself to disappear
I hear the call of apollyon
You shot an arrow through my heart
Its time I made a brand new start
O cupid don’t you cry
For the after will change for you for awhile
O cupid don’t you cry
For the after will change for you for awhile
O cupid don’t be sad
For your spirit will blaze our hearts all way
O cupid don’t be sad
For the after will change for you and the perfect millions
Track Name: Julie's Video (acoustic)
Well it was only yesterday
There was something in this place
When the end of the days
You were embraced
While we were shaking off the shade
From the missiles of October
Every thunder perfect mind
We drove insane
And on this brightest Halloween
All the conjured monsters entreat you
To sing the unstruck song
And destroy the ever after
We were waiting on the end
I know it wasn’t everything
It just seemed so at the time
When every monster magazine
Would dream of me
It wasn’t Julie's secret jewel
In the age of transformation
Kept my hidden thunderdomes so deep inside
Track Name: Funeral Skies For Burst Patriot (acoustic)
The fever dream of Kali unleashed
And your ghosts enshrined to see you thru
And your hate that burns this alien landscape
And the warrior-priests that hang your heart
What age is this that calls on your wisdom
What truth is this that stole your soul
In the end the blind will call the destroyers
And surrender to the darkest hold
Well you see your funeral skies
With angels in your eyes
In the evening of the blackest magician
And your holding natures key
And demanding to be free
With the angers of a million imposters
And you see the only truth
And the ragings of your youth
As a chance to keep the majesty hidden
I just wanna say
I never wanted to end up this way
Hang the usurper
The master of this year disappearing
And my heart is now a gift to the night
Im moving through these souls undiscovered
My reward will be eternal light
My gun it is my spirit descending
And my aim is my devotion to craft
Your now a fox that waits in the covert
For the hunter who will see your last
I draw my gun
Release the catch
And take aim
On you
It wont mean nothing at all
If you fall down
I draw my gun
Release the catch
And take aim
On you
These are your funeral skies
Able tiger
Track Name: Magic Without Tears (Crowley Jangles Every Heaven Version)
Your sweet price waiting
Refrain from hating
All that came before
Your eyes have turned to water
Protect your daughter
From everything that's good
Every heaven
Is all that you've made
Tonight dear sister
The light find it's shade
You're only sleeping
Your demons creeping
Around your cellar door
So goodnight
You seasick sailors
And phantom traders
Who want to jump inside
Cause every moment
From this day forward
And every dagger
That tears thru
Everything you know
And everything you see
On display forever
In Magic without tears
Oh she was an only child
From this day forever
In magic without tears
Everything you see
And everything you know
On display forever
In magic without tears
Oh she was an only child
On display forever
In magic without tears